Fusion Drive on a 27-inch Mid 2011 iMac

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The project

This is a story about making my own Fusion Drive on my 27-inch mid-2011 iMac.

The iMac

27-inch mid-2011 iMac with 12GB internal memory

Mac OSX 10.8.4


The Hardware

At Informatique I bought:

Samsung 840 Series Pro 256GB (costs 219 euro)

WD Scorpio Black 750GB HDD 7200rpm sATA (costs 69 euro)

At OWC I bought:

OWC DIY Kit for all Apple 27″ iMac 2011 Models for replacing the main hard drive. (costs grand total including shipping 49.24 USD + 20 euro customs (next time use DHL instead))

OWC DIY Kit for all Apple 27″ iMac 2011 Models for installing an internal SSD into a system currently equipped with hard drive only. (costs grand total including shipping 57.78 USD + 20 euro customs (next time use DHL instead))


 The Backup

I used a free version of SuperDuper to make clone of my original 1TB 3.5-ich Seagate Baracuda to a 2.5 inch drive on stock in a Firewire Dock. This way I was able to boot from the FIrewire disk with a exact copy of the original disk. Of course I also created a Time Machine backup.


The Hardware Operation

I followed two movies from YouTube

“How to Replace the Hard Drive in a 27 iMac [2011]”

“OWC Internal SSD DIY Kit for all Apple 27 iMac 2011 Models”


Remarks on the movies:

It is not that simple as it seems to look.

Also my iMac had some modifications.  Like more cables on the display. (4 instead of 3)

It took myself 3 hours to get this done. (But this was the first time)


Making the Fusion Drive

Boot from the Recovery Disk / Cloned Mac OSX and open a terminal as root

Identify the 256GB SSD and 750GB 2.5inch disk with the command:

# diskutil list

In my case: disk0 and disk1

Next create your core storage volumegroup with:

# diskutil coreStorage create FusionDrive /dev/disk0 /dev/disk1

Watch for the LVG UUID. You need that in the next command

# diskutil coreStorage createVolume \

50B457C3-ADC6-4EDC-9ABA-FD8C6EEDE69A jhfs+   \
“Macintosh HD” 100%

That’s it. Your Fusion Drive is created!

Now use SuperDuper to clone the Mac OSX system again back to the “Macintosh HD”


Conclusion: At the end the cabling stuff from OWC makes the project a bit costly. But the result is very satifying. Also next time first deinstall Little Snitch from your OS. I had to reinstall it because it was acting strange after the cloning.



Why is my Drive Fan running full speed after 10 minutes. I have this temp sensors cable from OWC which should prevent this.

I tried SMCFancontrol but was not able to get it reduced.

I checked HDD Fancontrol 2.4 which seems to work.

But I bought this cable for that reason. So that is a bit strange.

Hopefully Technical Customer Service is bringing a solution/explanation.

Update: OWC support sent me an e-mail. They will sent me a new cable. Hopefully this fixes it.








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